About Us

Everyone is interested to grow their profile massively. You cannot achieve that on your own. You need a TikTok agency to make that possible. This is where Digink comes in.
We are an influencer expert that offers TikTok followers and likes services.
There is no place out there that beats the technique we use in delivering this. We have used our method to help hundreds of people across the network.

We don’t use bots or any tactic that is against the terms of service of TikTok. Our strategy skyrockets the account of any buyer to the top.
We share your link on top searched places. This brings in relevant people that will become your fan or like your post.

You don’t even have to spend so much to buy any of our services. Just check the price of each package available on our store page. We usually run your campaign immediately we confirm your payment. So, you should be expecting results after that.

Digink is not in partnership with TikTok. We are just offering a service that helps members to be famous. We work on our own rules.

Remember, we aim to make you popular. Therefore, you need to have bigger plans for what you want to achieve on TikTok. This is no service where you want to joke with.

For questions or partnership with us, contact us through the appropriate page. Our live chat is sometimes available for fast communication.

You can use our service whenever you feel it is time for you to be popular. If now is the time, order comfortable.